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Our story

ADOX  is the world’s first photochemical manufacturer, established in Frankfurt-am-Mein 160 years ago. Throughout all of its existence, it has been a family-owned business, led by generations of chemists focused on photography.

After the bankruptcy in the digital revolution, ADOX was the first of all analog companies to be saved in 2003, and the process of building back the brand began. Now ADOX is a small, young and passionate team, based in Germany and Switzerland, offering a wide range of products for the analog community.

Where the magic happens

In 2006, the ADOX factory started on the premises of an abandoned 1980s military laundry. Many of the research, production and confectioning machines were saved from bankrupt photo factories such as Agfa, Forte, Konica and others.

In 2015, ADOX took over the coating machine from Ilford Imaging Switzerland, which was used for research of many products, including inkjet materials and the legendary Cibachrome. The machine is located in Marly, Switzerland, and occupies three floors.